British Bulldog Soccer Drill

British Bulldog Soccer Drill

This soccer drill is a fun dribbling drill based on the classic playground game ‘British Bulldog’. In this drill, players must run and dribble across a grid to the other side without being tagged or tackled by the ‘Bulldog’. This dribbling drill is great for coaching kids dribbling moves and other skills to avoid pressure from an opponent. Let’s take a look at how to set up this drill.

British Bulldog Soccer Drill

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 20×25 yard grid using cones. Prepare a supply of balls so there is enough for one for each player. Have all players stand at one end of the grid without their soccer balls. Now the drill can begin.


Players should spread out so that they are all facing the inside of the grid but in their own space. Choose one player to come out in the center of the grid and face the rest of the players. This player is the ‘British Bulldog.’

Upon the coaches whistle all the players have to run across the grid whilst trying to avoid being tagged by the bulldog. Any player that gets tagged becomes another bulldog. Once all the players have been tagged or reached the other side, repeat the game going in the opposite direction. The last person to get caught is the winner.


After playing one time, play again but this time provide each player with a soccer ball. Players should dribble their ball across the grid and avoid being tackled by the bulldog. The bulldog should try and kick the players ball out of the grid. Any player who gets tackled by the bulldog, then becomes another bulldog. The last player to get caught by the bulldogs is the winner.


A great alternative to British Bulldog that you can use with young kids and lower level players is ‘Surfers and Crabs’. In this variation, there is a ‘crab’ instead of a ‘bulldog’ and the crab must walk around on all-fours like a crab as they try to catch the ‘surfers’.

Coaching Points

  • Keep heads up at all times.
  • Dribble away from pressure.
  • Use cuts and other dribbling moves to beat opponents.
  • Keep balance forward and weight on your toes.

Top Tip

Award an extra life for players who successfully execute a designated dribbling, such as The Matthews or The Scissors, to beat the Bulldog.