Soccer Turning Drill

Ball Hog | Turning Drill

This fun warm-up game, is a turning drill in which players can practice their turning and shielding skills whilst trying to keep the ball away from their opponents to become the ultimate ‘ball hog’!

Turning Drill – Ball Hog

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 20×20 yard grid using small cones. You can adjust the size of the grid depending on the number of players and their ability. Have a supply of balls ready to give to selected players.


Give 75% of the players 1 ball each. These players will be the ‘Ball Hogs’. The remaining 25% of the group must start the activity outside the grid without a ball. Upon the coach’s call, all of these players enter the grid and try to steal the ball off the ‘Ball Hogs’ and keep it for themselves. Once a player loses possession of the ball they can try and win it back or go after another ball hog to steal from them. 

If at any point a Ball Hog accidentally kicks the ball out of the square the person who was challenging them gets to retrieve the ball and bring it back in. After a predetermined amount of time, the coach calls the end of the game and all players without a ball at their feet do a fun forfeit. Repeat the game with new players starting outside the grid without a ball.


Decrease the number of Ball Hogs at the start of the game to make it even more competitive!

Coaching Points

  • Correct execution of turn moves to escape pressure.
  • Keep your knees bent and use your arms to shield the ball from your opponents.
  • Try to keep your head up and stay away from the players who are trying to steal.
  • If you lose the ball, work hard and as fast as you can to try and win one back.