2v2 Soccer Defense Drill

2v2 Drill | Defend The Shot

In this 2v2 defending drill, players will compete 2 on 2 with 2 defending players and 2 attacking players. The defenders must try to prevent the attackers taking a shot on goal. This drill is great for coaching defensive skills and how to prevent opponents taking a shot on goal.

2v2 Drill – Defend The Shot

Set Up The Drill

Set up 2 gates using small cones at either side of the goal. Next, divide the players into two teams, an attacking team and a defending team, and ask them to stand behind the two gates. Place one player in the goal to act as goal keeper and give him/her a ball. Now the drill can begin.


2 players from the attacking team should enter the pitch. Then, the goal keeper should pass the ball to one of the attackers. As soon as the goal keeper has passed the ball, the defenders can race onto the pitch. The defenders must quickly close down the attackers to prevent them shooting on goal. The attackers must try to pass the ball / dribble into space to create an opportunity to shoot. The drill ends when either the attackers score a goal, or when the defenders kick the ball out of play.

Coaching Points

  • One of the defending players should act as the ‘pressuring defender’ and get to the attacking player quickly to reduce the space he/she has to take a shot.
  • The other defender should act as a ‘covering defender’ and help limit the attacker’s space to shoot while remaining close enough to the 2nd attacker to prevent a pass or to pressure the other player should he/she get the ball.