2v2 Soccer Attacking Drill

Attack Zone | 2v2 Soccer Drill

This 2v2 drill is great for coaching both attacking and defending. Players will compete 2 on 2 with 2 players acting as the attackers and 2 players acting as the defenders. The attackers must pass and dribble the ball around the defenders into the ‘attack zone’. Once there, attackers can shoot on goal.

Set Up The Drill

To set up the drill, first set up the ‘attack zone’ by placing a row of small cones about 10 yards away from the goal. Then, place a tall cone about 30 yards away from the ‘attack zone’ and stand behind it with the ball. Next, invite the two attackers and two defenders into the center. Now the drill can begin.


The coach begins by passing the ball to one of the attackers. The attackers must then pass/dribble the ball around the defenders and into the ‘attack zone’. Once in the zone, the attackers can attempt to score a goal. The defenders must try to prevent the attackers reaching the ‘attack zone’ and must try to gain possession of the ball. If the defenders manage to gain possession of the ball, they must pass it back to the coach. The drill ends when either the attackers score a goal, or when the defenders pass the ball back to the coach.

Coaching Points

  • Encourage attackers to pass rather than dribble the ball.
  • Encourage attackers to always be moving into space to open up passing opportunities.
  • Encourage attackers to shoot when an opportunity arises.
  • Defenders should try to stay goal side to prevent the attackers advancing.
  • Defenders should not over commit on a tackle, to prevent attackers taking the ball around them.