1v1 soccer Drill

1,2,3 Challenge | 1 v 1 Drill

This 1v1 soccer drill is a great activity to help players practice turning with the ball to escape pressure from an opponent. Players will compete 1 on 1 to gain possession of the ball and to then to score a goal. Let’s take a look at how to set this drill up.

1v1 Drill – 1,2,3 Challenge

Set Up The Drill

For this drill, you will need one goal. This can be the actual goal on the pitch or you can simply use tall cones to act as goal posts. Set up two gates, one either side of goal. Choose one player to be the goal keeper (or the coach can act as GK) and divide the players into two teams. Have the teams line up behind the gates and assign each player a number. Now the drill can be begin.


The coach should serve the ball and then call out a number. The corresponding player from each team should then rush onto the field and race to gain possession of the ball. Players then compete 1 on 1 to score a goal.


Once each player has had a chance to compete 1 on 1, you could then call out 2 or 3 numbers at once and then players from the same team can work together to score the goal.

Coaching Points

  • Players should use turns to beat opponent and face the goal.
  • Players should keep their head up and be aware of the space they are turning in to.
  • If necessary, demonstrate correct shooting technique.